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Welcome to the optimization contest site. The optimization contest is set up to be a free, challenging competition for those of us who value speed in our designs. Right now, it's starting as a DS ARM ASM optimization contest - no prizes currently, just the thrill of the hunt for a good solution and the respect of your peers if you do well. (maybe prizes eventually) There will eventually be more types of competitions and it's expected the competition categories will continue to have periodic competitions for quite a while after they start.

The biggest things to note though, are that this is a brand new web system being built, there might be some bugs in it. Also, if you have feedback about a bug or how you would improve the site, I do really want to hear it - email me at sgstair (at) akkit [dot] org
Or, if you'd rather use IRC, visit #opti on Blitzed - I'll be around most of the time to answer questions, and I hope the channel will pick up some general discussion as well.

Current Categories

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Nintendo DS (practical code)
Nintendo DS (demo effects)
Nintendo DS (heavy maths)

Recent Competitions

Compo 1: Mandelbrot Set (Competition Ended 3614 days, 10 hours ago.)